Saturday, February 18, 2012

Facebook Page review of Kazuo Ishiguro

Facebook Page review of Kazuo Ishiguro
I chose to review Booker prize award winning Kazuo Ishiguro author of the remains of the day and his latest never let me go which was adapted to film.  He has written several books which many of the endings seem to have something sweetly missing. This doesn’t apply that much to his Facebook page as it looks as he pulled out most of the stops. The page is very clean and minimalistic in style. He doesn’t have a bunch of buy now links or massive advertising than the typical chain of Facebook ads on the right. The page includes multiple quotes about his novel “Never let me go” which at this point it is arguably the most popular thanks to the big screen.

He does not have any tour dates or current new releases which seem to be the most disheartening for such a talented writer. The readers on his page appear to interact well with among each other there.  It feels like he or his publisher should quest to be more interactive with his readers on his page. He has a variety of attractive professional pictures of himself almost to make him appear like a “thinking writer” along with the philosophical quotes about his books.

Since image is a big part of anything in the public spectrum even for writers his publicist on his page seems to market his image as intellectual. This is good for readers because many trust or even buy from a writer based on the image of them. This can be bias but they’ve tuned his image to look scholarly and it works. He has a series of opinion based posts that seem to affectionately dote on his writing which is good to likely help his audience grow to have a “base” of readers.    Another focus seems to stay with him is being a British writer since they seem to be wildly popular here in America.

 The users often discuss his multifaceted culture; it may be beneficial to him to post more about the places he lived etc. The reader could learn more about his culture and heritage gives the reader a good feel of the person who’s writing the book.   This is the main thing that is missing about his posts is that it is not personal enough as you feel you are interacting with a bunch of quotes and not a real person. No one wants to feel as if they are reading a robots work as that is what instruction manuals are for. Ever notice how authors with compelling backgrounds sell?   The same principle goes here it is a very simple and nice page but it lacks the updates and personalization to be considered an excellent page. The author writes beautifully it just doesn’t make sense the publisher not have a Facebook page for his reader which is frequently updated.

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