Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome to the Paranormal Express

This winter’s night is especially bitter so much that frost bites latch to fingertips
The shivering lowerclassmen step one by one moseying to the caboose of the train.
See the elite gentlemen decked in black zoot suits puffing the sweetness of their Cuban cigars.
They laugh heartily as the thick smoke fills the air pitying ashes on the feet of the poor.
The richest women sit prim and proper, heavily powdered faces sipping the finest tea.
Babies cradled in the arms of the elderly coo as the last whistle sounds
" Welcome we’ve been expecting you as my special guest of the "Paranormal Express "
Please relax as “Emanuel” the darkly cloaked apparition will show you your seats.
Be not afraid, he only punishes those that use forces of  white light  and water.
I'm Lola the smirking bodiless conductor, I’ll see that you are well taken care of.
 “All aboard Madams and Messieurs”
 With those last words  I spoke we powered along the beginning of the end.
I’m here to take you on a voyage of writing within the genre of the paranormal.
It can be a fascinating experience to seek the unknown rather in fantasy or in our own perception of reality.
Here you will find a variety of stories, information, thought provoking ideologies, and updates to my exciting life as an aspiring paranormal writer.

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