Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What love is not ?

I hear people often talking of what love is so they try to rationalize something bad and claiming it as love .In the midst of boredom I thought I'd express some jumbled sentiments about what love is not.... 

Love is not abuse or shame
It has no marks, tears, bruises or pain.
It has no demeaning words or broken things.
Love does not call you fat, skinny, ugly or broke.
Love is no grand game nor a funny joke
Love is not money it has no deep pockets or fancy diamond rings.
people may have such but love comes empty handed and true
Love is not a side order or a backup, it wants you to be number one not number two
Love is not crazy or wild, it does not change it is still as a quiet night
Love is not lust, passion filled thrusts and sweating together naked is not what love feels like.
Love is not secrecy or lies hidden underneath the surface it is pure like an infant's dream
Love is not beauty for even the blind may possess what some can never fully see.
Love does not grace magazines or compete with the best
There are no books that tell you how to win because it is not a contest
There is no time limit for love as it never ages
Love is not fleeting like youth or fame
Love is not just a word for faithful hearts know its true name

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